Professional Head-shots – Sean

Who says head-shots have to be stuffy and old? If you want to attract clients, don’t you want to appear both approachable and professional? That’s the theory Sean and his business partner Pam think.

You may remember from a year or so ago the head-shots of Pam (if not, that’s okay, I’ve included one to jog your memory), she has continued to conquer the law world founding Triality LLC – a law consulting company. She has partnered with Sean and the two of them are a power house of expertise in e-discovery and more.

Sound a little intimidating? Nah, look at how non-intimidating the two appear. And trust me, after spending time with them, they are such down-to-earth individuals and are great to work with!

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Professional Headshots – Penny

New Year, new you! Penny is expanding her professional career as a highly sought after architect consultant who specializes in night clubs. Growing her career as a consultant, she has rebranded and updated her image.

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Professional Head-shots – Pam Downs

You’ve all gotten a chance to see Pam’s Athletic shots (if not, keep scrolling), but Pam also came to Phoenix so I could update her professional head-shots. Pam has held so many impressive roles and titles in her career. She is the professional woman who has broken through that “glass ceiling” and is now an owner of her own highly successful business. I’m so honored to have a past client from Kansas City fly out to Phoenix so I could photograph her most recent professional head-shots. Thank you, Pam, for being an amazing client, friend and woman to lead other women!

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Professional Head-shots – Lane, Hupp & Crowley

Let’s hope one doesn’t need a criminal defense attorney, but if you should find yourself in need, I highly recommend the law office of Lane, Hupp & Crowley, PLC :

These handsome men have started a joint venture this summer and these new professional head-shots were taken outside of their Downtown, Phoenix office.


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