Welcome, Baby Charlotte

Some of you may be wondering why you haven’t seen any new posts in almost a year. Well, I am truly sorry that I haven’t been posting. But the reason is well worth it! After some time of trying to get pregnant, last Christmas, my husband and I were elated to find out we were expecting. Pregnancy was pretty rough for me and I did all I could to get off the couch and not be sick, so sadly, I was not pursuing much photography due to that.

Finally, after 10 long months, we welcomed into the world, our Daughter, Charlotte Grace! She is perfect to us and we are blessed beyond words to be gifted this treasure. Here are her first professional photos and she can look forward to a lifetime of these sessions from her Mommy. I hope you all don’t get tired of watching her grow!

Please join us in celebrating the life of this sweet girl!

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Edward!

When I was back in Denver photographing Edward’s family portraits, it also happened to be this little man’s 2nd birthday! What a weekend full of adventure as we spent it Bergen hunting! For those with toddlers in your life, you may be familiar with the movie Trolls. My husband and I do not have toddlers in our life, but thanks to Edward, we got schooled on Troll life and the hunt for Bergens (Go, Queen Poppy!) . This handsome little dude has so much personality and even though he’s now in Denver, I look forward to documenting him at least once a year – as a birthday Bergen hunt is now tradition!

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Macy + Davis = Cute!

Macy and Davis are college sweethearts who aren’t just sweethearts but have sweet hearts! These two have lived a part for over a year – Macy finishing college in Tennessee while Davis started his career in the golfing industry out here in Phoenix. But finally this spring, Macy made the move to the Valley of the Sun and the two got engaged!

I know they miss home (Tennessee) and the green foliage that is turning into fall, so when Macy told me she wanted her engagement session to feel like home, I knew exactly where to take them. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Macy over this year and so happy to photograph her and Davis as they start planning the rest of their lives together!

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Family Portraits – Elliott Family of 3…

For those who know Bekah and Robert, you know they just welcomed into the world a little girl, Evelyn. Though I may not get the privilege to photograph this newest addition, I did get the honor to fly out to Denver, Co to document their family of three one last time. Bekah, Robert, and little Edward are dear clients and friends and I’m so honored that I’ve been able to document many milestones for them. Denver sure has some beautiful backdrops and I hope to return in the future as little Evy grows!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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Professional Head-shots – Pam Downs

You’ve all gotten a chance to see Pam’s Athletic shots (if not, keep scrolling), but Pam also came to Phoenix so I could update her professional head-shots. Pam has held so many impressive roles and titles in her career. She is the professional woman who has broken through that “glass ceiling” and is now an owner of her own highly successful business – President of Consulting of Entrusted Advisors. I’m so honored to have a past client from Kansas City fly out to Phoenix so I could photograph her most recent professional head-shots. Thank you, Pam, for being an amazing client, friend and woman to lead other women!

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Athletic Portraits – Pam Downs

Pam Downs has been a client of mine from almost the beginning of my professional career. I was still in college back in Kansas City when I photographed Pam’s daughter for senior portraits. Pam is so accomplished – professionally, personally, and with an amazing family and friend base. She has run in countless marathons and even conquered a few triathlons. Here are some athletic portraits we took when she made a trip down to Phoenix to update her portfolio!

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Professional Head-shots – Lane, Hupp & Crowley

Let’s hope one doesn’t need a criminal defense attorney, but if you should find yourself in need, I highly recommend the law office of Lane, Hupp & Crowley, PLC : www.lhccriminallawyers.com

These handsome men have started a joint venture this summer and these new professional head-shots were taken outside of their Downtown, Phoenix office.

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Lauren + Justin = Cute!

I had the honor this year to photograph the engagement portraits of two of the sweetest people! Justin and Lauren have been adorable friends of ours since we moved to Phoenix. It was almost 3 years ago that they watched our pups at our house while Peter and I went to Hawaii (and Lauren broke her foot but didn’t tell us until earlier this year!)

Now the couple is set to get married in November and I can’t imagine a better fit (expect for Me and Peter, of course). Thank you for the opportunity to document how cute you two are together and I look forward to your big day!

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